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Tasjkent Women

WWC is the first organization which has taken first steps on cervical cancer prevention in Uzbekistan.

Currently WWC continues conducting targeted educational and training programs for gynecologists to improve cervical cancer’s situation in Uzbekistan.

The Women’s Wellness Center (WWC) was established with an International Health Alliance (AIHA) partnership in 1997. The partnership was created between the Second Tashkent Medical Institute and the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois, USA. The concept of care established for the partnership is the promotion of women’s health through awareness of principles of good health and personal responsibility for one’s own health. The Women’s Wellness Center model provides health screening and primary care for women as well as educational information on topics including: self awareness, sex education, STIs, HIV/AIDS, family planning, healthy pregnancy, parenting, breast and cervical cancer, and menopause. WWC successfully works in collaboration with different international organizations, such as AIHA, UNFPA, MASHAV, WHO, UNICEF, Tashkent International Medical Clinic (TIMC), and France Embassy. The problem of cervical cancer is a global problem. However, due to different issues, such as economical difficulties, lack of education, and low level of medicine, developing countries have much higher mortality rate from cervical cancer in comparison with developed ones. That is why one of the prior spheres of WWC’s current research and practice is prevention and early detection of cervical and breast cancers. According to Uzbek Republican Cancer Research Center the mortality rate from cervical cancer tends to increase. Although there is no highly developed registration system in Uzbekistan, 1250 new cases of cervical cancer are registered officially annually. The disease is usually registered in the late stage. Only 10 percent of all registered cases were found in a CIS stage . Because of the lack of screening programs, unified quality control system, incorrect results of cervical examination, deficiency of technologies and low level of cytologists’ qualification Uzbekistan has a low percentage of revealing cervical cancer. The percent of women involved to a screening program is about 2%. Cervical cancer screening exists only in an opportunistic way.

With support of International organizations and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan WWC conducted different training and educational programs on cervical cancer, such as clinical and diagnostic principles of cervical cancer’s early detection and prevention. Thus, during 2003-2009 years WWC trained more than 340 gynecologists from all regions of Uzbekistan.

With a technical and financial support of UNFPA in 2005 year WWC published “Cervical and vaginal pathology” and “ Manual guide to the prevention of cervical cancer” books.

In 2006 with the support of Ministry of Health, UNFPA and France Embassy WWC conducted the First National Conference on Cervical Cancer’s Prevention Issues.