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Contact: Martha Bourtsos Orzechowski, Director of Development
President : Mary Beatty

1319 F Street, NW | Suite 710 | Washington, DC 20004 202.333.0825 x230 (w) | 202.468 3801 (m) 202.333.0875(f)

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Presentation - WACC Forum/Monaco, February 2010

Women In Government (WIG) is a national, non-profit, bi-partisan organization of women state legislators providing leadership opportunities, networking, expert forums, and educational resources to address and resolve complex public policy issues in the United States. WIG believes policymakers have a tremendous opportunity to address cervical cancer prevention by raising awareness and education, with the goal of providing all constituents with access to the most advanced and appropriate screening & prevention technologies, regardless of socioeconomic status.

WIG’s Challenge to Eliminate Cervical Cancer was officially launched in January 2004. Since then, all 50 states have introduced and enacted 200 pieces of legislation aimed at the elimination of cervical cancer.

Additionally, WIG announced the creation of the HPV & Cervical Cancer Policy Resource Center in 2004. Our HPV & Cervical Cancer Policy Resource Center produced both a domestic and international legislative toolkit that offers background materials, articles, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and policy recommendations around cervical cancer prevention for state legislators and other policymakers.

Since 2005, WIG has held an annual HPV & Cervical Cancer Summit. Each year, the Summit gives legislators from across the country a chance to interact with partner organizations and cancer advocates and brainstorm new ideas for combating cervical cancer. In 2009, legislators received media training that addressed HPV vaccine background information and sample questions.

In recognition for its work, WIG has participated internationally in the 2008 World Cancer Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, 2007 EUROGIN Conference, and the 2008 and 2009 European Cervical Cancer Association’s Cervical Cancer Summit.

Contact: President : Dr M. Cremer
Medical Director: Dr. Mauricio Maza

Tél : (212) 241-0733
The Mount Sinai Medical Center One Gustave, L. Levy Place, Box 1170 New York, NY 10029-6574
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To view a short video about Basic Health International’s work in El Salvador:

2010 DACC Award proposal

Basic Health International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that collaborates with in-country partners to enhance the quality of women’s health care in Latin America, with goals to:
• Conduct region-specific research with a women health focus.
• Provide patient care through clinical delegations and community medical consults.
• Collaborate at a national and community level as technical advisors to help develop sustainable health care practices and policies.
• Train in-country generalist physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide gynecological care in rural areas.

1. To eradicate cervical cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean.
2. To improve women’s public health in Latin America and the Caribbean.

VISION: Eradicate Cervical Cancer in Latin Americaand the Caribbean.

1. Provide training opportunities for local providers, medical students, graduate and undergraduate students in developing countries.
2. Conduct relevant, country specific research with a women's health focus.
3. Provide patient care in the form of delegations and community medical consults.
4. Collaborate at a national level to help develop sustainable health care policies.

Contact: Christine Baze, Founder & Eecutive Director

Tél : +1 978 744 5300
203 Washington Street 234 SALEM MA, 01970 USA

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The Yellow Umbrella Organization is all about being empowered, being informed and connecting with others. It' about working together, under the same umbrella, toward a common goal. It's about being strong. It's about being a woman. It's about cervical cancer prevention.

At 31 years old, Christine Baze was singing songs, living and loving her life. Then she was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer with extensive lymphatic invasion. She fought the fight - surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and brachytherapy - and she won.

Christine learned a lot about cervical cancer and HPV along the way. She learned that it is PREVENTABLE and that there are TOOLS to help women of all ages - avoid this cancer. She decided to use her story, her voice, her passion and her music to educate and empower other women.

One benefit concert called Pop Smear led to a national tour - The Yellow Umbrella Tour and the creation of The Yellow Umbrella Organization. Over 100 Tour dates later, Christine is reaching even deeper into community settings with Paint It Yellow - bringing the music and the message into Schools, community settings as well as clubs so that EVERYone hears that cervical cancer IS indeed preventable, with the use of the tools - THE HPV TEST, THE PAP TEST, and THE HPV VACCINE.

The mission of The Yellow Umbrella Organization is to decrease both the personal and systemic burden of cervical cancer around the world, by educating and empowering decision-makers, including patients, about prevention, advocacy and working together.

More on The Yellow Umbrella Organization and Christine Baze on:

Contact: Lisa Higgins
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The HPV Vaccine Global Community of Practice (CoP) is a global network with the goal of providing health professionals with a forum to 1) share knowledge, experience, and resources, 2) add their opinions to the global policy and practice dialogue on enhancing cervical cancer prevention programs and establishing HPV vaccination programs, and 3) access strategies for cervical cancer prevention program implementation. The CoP has 1042 members from 116 countries. The most commonly represented professions are: physician, researcher, program manager, epidemiologist, health educator, student, industry member, and nurse/nurse practitioner.

The CoP carries out numerous activities related to cervical cancer prevention and the role of HPV vaccines, including: posting announcements of relevant events/meetings/scholarly articles; interactive discussions among members; and posting of educational resources and advocacy tools. A newsletter is posted monthly with updated information on membership, relevant organizations, and recently published data.

The HPV Vaccine Global CoP was launched in June 2008 with a global videoconference, followed by three weeks of on-line discussions led by experts. The videoconference focused on the African, American, European and Eastern Mediterranean regions. The theme for the videoconference was “A global perspective on HPV vaccines and cervical cancer prevention.” Three weeks of on-line discussions followed the videoconference and topics included: 1) integrating HPV vaccination into current or planned cancer control programs, 2) prioritizing different cervical cancer control strategies where budgets are limited, and 3) social, cultural, and political issues surrounding HPV vaccine access and delivery.

In March 2010 a second global webinar followed by 2 weeks of on-line discussions was conducted. The webinar focused on HPV vaccine delivery in the Asia-Pacific region. Topics of the webinar and subsequent on-line discussions included: 1) feasibility and challenges of integrating HPV vaccines into cervical cancer and adolescent health programs, 2) monitoring of outcomes, 3) HPV vaccine safety, 4) efficacy, safety, and cost of vaccinating boys, and 4) experiences of HPV vaccine implementation in the Asia-Pacific region.

The CoP has been effective in facilitating discussion about cervical cancer prevention and the role of HPV vaccines, as well as disseminating educational resources and advocacy materials, to a diverse global audience.

The HPV Vaccine Global CoP is associated with the World Health Organization, UNFPA, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Jessica Kahn is the facilitator and Lisa Higgins RPh is the moderator of the Community of Practice, Nathalie Broutet is the CoP liaison at the World Health Organization. The CoP is based at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

Contact: Bonnie Diraimondo
410 Fontana Circle, Ste 303, Oviedo, FL 32765 USA

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The HPV Support Network began in 2008 as Any Mother’s Daughter. The name has since been changed to The HPV Support Network transitioning to non-profit status and thus more equipped to deal with outside organizations as well as receive tax deductible donations.

The goals of the HPV Support Network include increasing awareness and understanding of HPV and HPV-related cancers to both patients and healthcare providers; to encourage prevention through vaccination and a better understanding of HPV transmission; to provide emotional support to allow those diagnosed with HPV to cope with the shame and negative feelings which often accompany this diagnosis and to eliminate the stigma associated with HPV infection through education. We also strive to expand the understanding of HPV to all HPV-induced cancers.

Bonnie Diraimondo, a registered nurse and founder of the organization was diagnosed with HPV in 1987.Since that time, she has dealt with two invasive anal cancers and severe dysplasia of the cervix, vagina and vulva. In an effort to better educate the public and physicians, she wrote the book Any Mother’s Daughter which is endorsed, and the foreword written by, Prof. Harald zur Hausen MD. Prof. zur Hausen received the Nobel Prize for his discovery that HPV caused cervical cancer. The book is also recommended by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, Planned Parenthood and numerous other organizations.

Ms. Diraimondo has the distinct honor of being chosen to speak at the Opening Ceremonies of the 27th International Papillomavirus Conference in Berlin Germany later this year. Until now, the conference has not included input from patients.

Contact: Allison Hicks
Tél : + 1 802 373 6597

12 North Street Burlington Vermont 05401 USA

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Allison bio

Allison Global Summit Speech-1

In October of 2004 Allison was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer at the age of 29. Within days of the diagnosis she underwent radical surgery. The surgery left her unable to bear children. Allison’s trauma was particularly intense because she is a trained doula, whose work is caring for mothers and babies.

Allison saw this experience as a call to action. Within months of completing chemotherapy and radiation treatment she started the Hicks Foundation, a 501c 3 organization dedicated to eradicating cervical cancer in Vermont. Allison was determined that women with cervical cancer would be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Allison’s foundation arranges free medical screening for women and girls, partially funds follow up treatment, and provides educational materials and workshops related to decreasing the spread of HPV and eradicating cervical cancer in the State of Vermont.

Allison has turned her tragedy into triumph. She is a local leader in the fight to eradicate cervical cancer. Through partnerships with health care providers, schools, legislators, and the VT girl Scout council Allison collaborates to send the message: this cancer is virtually100% preventable. The powerful triangle of education, prevention and screening will ensure that the next generation of Vermont women won’t have to experience the same suffering that Allison did.

Contact: Tamika Felder - Founder & CEO
Tél : + 1 866-595-2448
PO Box 2942 Upper Marlboro MD 20773 USA

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Tamika&Friends - Brochure

Tamika & Friends, Inc. is a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancer and its link to HPV (human papillomavirus).

Founded in 2005 by cervical cancer survivor and advocate Tamika Felder, our network of survivors and their friends spread the essential message that through education, prevention and treatment, cervical cancer can be entirely eliminated. Believing that creative communication is far more infectious than HPV we provide many hands-on ways to spread the word to women in all walks of life.

05 Jul
Pro Mujer

M Gabriela Salvador, MD, MPH/Director Health and Human Development Services
Josh Cramer-Montes, Communications Director

Tél : +1-646-626-7000 / fax: +1-212-904-1038
253 W. 35th St. 11th Floor South/New York, NY 10001 - USA
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Pro Mujer presentation.ppt

Founded in 1990, Pro Mujer is a women's development and microfinance organization dedicated to providing women in Latin America with the means to build sustainable livelihoods and create brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Over the past 20 years, Pro Mujer has empowered more than one million women to break the cycle of poverty by offering them an integrated package of services that includes microfinance, business and empowerment training, preventive health education, and high- quality, low-cost primary healthcare.

Contact: Alan Kaye
6520 Platt Ave. #693 | West Hills, CA 91307 (800) 685-5531 | (818) 992-4178(f)

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The NCCC/International HPV Cancer Coalition is a worldwide nonprofit NGO focused on grassroots advocacy, helping women, family members and friends battle issues related to cervical cancer and related HPV disease including HPV-associated cancers. The NCCC has 18 chapter locations in the United States, Turkey and Canada, with new chapters opening in India and other countries this year.

Contact: August Burns,Katherine Buell
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GFH Brochure Final

Grounds for Health works with coffee-growing communities to establish sustainable cervical cancer prevention programs. The association partners with local health professionals to help them fight this killer themselves. Using the 'Single Visit Approach', their low-resource-appropriate programs focus on innovative training and education, so more women can get back to their children, their communities, and their lives.