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Contact: Elżbieta Brzozowska
Tél : (22) 224 63 25
Zygmunta Glogera 2/11, 02-051 Warszawa

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Polish Coalition Against Cervical Cancer (Polska Koalicja na Rzecz Walki z Rakiem) is a social movement that joins together more than 80 most priority entities, including scientific societies, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and local authorities, determined to solve the problem of cervical cancer in Poland. Based on Polish and European guidelines, with help of remarkable scientists and specialists in many fields, Coalition has created “Recommendations of comprehensive change in the field of cervical cancer prevention in Poland”. Coalition members and experts believe, that implementation of the provided solutions will lead to a considerable decrease in cervical cancer morbidity and mortality - by half till the 2020. The Recommendations were presented to the Ministry of Health in Poland in February 2012. Meanwhile, the Coalition undertakes new activities. One of them is the CC Prevention Code, gathering guidelines for pediatricians, GP’s, gynecologists, nurses, and NGOs in terms of effective communication to women about cervical cancer prevention.

Contact: Margaret Stelmach
Tél : 601 947 746
ul. Chłodna 51, 00-867 Warszawa

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MSD Women's Health Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2009 by MSD Poland. The mission of the Foundation is to initiate and implement programs targeting key women's health problems in Poland, through effective prevention and health promotion. Basing on wide partnership MSD Women's Health Foundation provides several educational programs focusing on cervical cancer prevention in different populations (teenagers, socially excluded women, local governments). We also offer psychological support to women experiencing genital cancers. The Foundation also intends to play a major role in activating the NGO community in Poland to support disease prevention and health promotion programs targeting women, as well as become a vocal stakeholder in policy debates around healthcare in Poland.

Contact: Ida Karpinska

Tél : + 48 228 322 406

Ul. Kasprowicza 16
01-871 Warszawa

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European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2014

European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2011

The Flower of Womanhood is an initiative started by women who fought the disease and won the battle.

Our focus is on prevention, education, access to information and a new approach to health. Our objective is to make sure that cervical cancer gets the maximum attention and publicity. Our mission is to help every woman fighting cervical cancer and those at risk of developing it.

We have several offices around Poland, with the main one based in Warsaw. We have the support of a number of people and organisations helping us raise awareness, like Polish Association of Gynaecology, Polish Organization of Oncology and Gynaecology, Polish Union of Oncology and many other public institutions and private companies.