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The End of a Cancer?

Dr Joseph Monsonego

What is papillomavirus or HPV?

This virus, which affects the mucous membranes of the cervix and the genital organs, sometimes causes lesions which can degenerate into cancer.

The infection generally occurs during early sexual activity and the majority of women develop antibodies to the virus naturally. Thanks to screening, this fatal disease has been transformed into a rare pathology.

In this book, Dr Joseph Monsonego reviews current knowledge about and the future prospects for papillomavirus infection and its consequences. He demystifies the new issues and new practices arising in the era of vaccination, answering the questions women are asking themselves: the importance of screening, treatments, the place of vaccination in the prevention process. In presenting this major scientific progress, Dr Monsonégo delivers an amazing message of hope in the fight against cervical cancer and, in addition, places society squarely face their responsabilities.

Joseph Monsonego is a gynecologist and oncologist in Paris, specializing in colposcopy, papillomavirus infection and the treatment of associated pathologies. He has conducted a great deal of research in this field and is the author of a number of publications and books on the subject.

Auteur : Joseph Monsonego
Editeur : ESKA Publishing
ISBN : 9782747213455 Publication : oct. 2007

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The author's fees from the sale of this book will be entirely used for “WACC Foundation”, an international foundation for the prevention of cervical cancer.