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Flavia Cupsan

My name is Flavia Cupsan I am 28 years old and I’m writing you from Cluj-Napoca , Romania regarding a personal problem I have, hoping that you can help me.

Beginning with 2006 I have been to several regular gynecological examinations hoping that, in case a problem shows up, I would be able to discover it in due time.

My results are the following:

2006: PAP II
9.11.2007- ASC-US
21.07.2008 PAP II
28.05.2009: ASC-US cervical injury
19.01.2010 PAP II cervical injury
06.07.2010- ASC-US- suspicion of HPV infection

Following these results I had a discussion with the doctor I’ve been seeing on a regular basis and I asked him if my results showed something that needed special attention or if I had to do additional tests. Honestly, I was worried that my results kept showing ASCUS. The doctor told me that I did not have to worry and that I was as healthy as possible. However, I went to see another doctor who recommended me to do immediately a HPV test and a colposcopy. After the HPV test I discovered that I had HPV type 33 and the colposcopy showed that I had CANCER IN SITU. I did a cervical conization in August 2010.

I would like to know if you colaborate with a doctor who can help and tell me if the doctor I’ve been seeing should have recommended me a HPV test, a colposcopy or other additional analysis in order to avoid surgery (cervical conization). Could we talk about medical malpractice? In order to prevent such an outcome, given the results of the Papanicolau tests and the existence of a cervical injury, should the doctor have told me to do other analysis, more detailed ones, in order to be completely sure that I have no health problems? Could you help me by indicating some articles/studies which could help me find an answer to these questions or even by giving me your opinion? I’m also considering the possibility to initiate a legal proceeding against this doctor, in order to prevent such situations from happening again. Romania is ranked 1st in Europe for the number of deaths caused by cervical cancer, mainly because of such situations of negligence.

Our legislation stipulates that the opinion of other specialists in this field is also necessary in order to prove that indeed more care and attention should have been shown by the doctor. Unfortunately, I will not be able to ask the help of a specialist from Cluj ( Cluj-Napoca is the most important oncological centre in Romania ) because the doctor whom I accuse of malpractice is very well-know one.

I am also interested in finding a doctor who si willing to testify on my behalf in a law suit against this doctor and I am also willing to pay all the costs that a trip to Romania may include.