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Professor Carlos Oliveira

The Portuguese Cancer League is committed to the prevention of all kinds of cancer that can affect men or women in all ages and to help the ones who are suffering from cancer and their families.

Concerning this particular cancer - cervical cancer - the Portuguese Cancer League aims to avoid the death by this disease in women form Portugal – in average, every day, a woman in Portugal dies from cervical cancer. According to the President Professor Carlos de Oliveira "if we’re able to inform and make all women aware of the importance of both primary (vaccination) and secondary (screening) prevention, we can really stop most of the new cases of invasive cervical cancer, as well as other serious diseases caused by HPV." With these words, the Portuguese Cancer League would like to appeal for the help of women who have had cancer as a consequence of an HPV infection. Through their testimonial, better than anyone, they can explain what it is like to have a serious health problem as cervical cancer and can, at the same time, give hope to the ones that are suffering from it presently.

Thank you all for sharing this goal with the Portuguese Cancer League!