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Tami Raban

I was alone when I got the news of having cervical cancer. I had the Pap test and my dr. asked me to arrive to get the results and said it didn't look good. I asked her to explain to me how bad it was, what does it mean, do I have cancer? Could it be? She said that everything can be, now I know and realize that she probably knew already from the first visit. When I left her clinic I called my husband, mother and sister, I told them something was wrong, everyone assured me, you'll see that in the end everything will be fine. Who would believe that I who am normally very healthy would get a disease that can be very destructive. I'm taking care of myself, I'm young, still of childbearing age, it can not be!

To the meeting with Dr. Siegler Epfraim I brought my sister and my mother, they joined me to hear what the doctor said, to prove to me that it was not true, everything was fine with me and I was healthy.

Meeting with him and being with them was very difficult. It was then that we realized I had the disease, it was not maybe, I was sick and I needed to be treated and move on. It didn't stop there, it was just the beginning. I came out crying, I wanted to be alone, I

cried, I realized that I had a problem and I promised myself I'd get over it, it will not be simple but I'll get over it. My name is Tami Raban, I'm 33, married and mother to two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. Who would have thought it would be so significant that at least I have both sexes, that I gave birth, that I would appreciate what God has given me so far. I got home and shared the news with everyone around and went on a new way, a way of which I know the beginning but not the end. It turns out that the little test, Pap smear, the test that is so significant, if I had this test before I would prevent it all. But I did not know and I'm here to tell and ask every woman and girl to go and be checked, do not say it will not happen to me, I used to believe it will not happen to me, till now I can not believe it happened to me.

If there was a woman who would have asked me to get tested as I ask you to do, I imagine I would do it. Today, I am after hysterectomy surgery 8 months ago, I went through a difficult time, with lots of psychic powers before the physical forces, forces that I do not know from where I got, but I got them. Thank God the surgery was successful, Dr. Siegler Epfraim and Dr. Lavie treated me perfectly, they are very professional doctors that first and foremost give me support and are always there for me. Currently, I am healthy and get tested every several months, there are plenty of fears from the worst, yet I know how to be strong and move on because I know that only there I'll get the strength to continue.

May we all have a lot of health and ... do not forget to be tested!